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Best Disposable Vape Pods Brands In 2022

Disposable E-Cigarettes have never been more popular. More and more people are now switching over to these products, since they are a lot cheaper than 10 years ago. You can get started with as little as 2 packs of Vape Pods. This means that you’re going to need a guide if you want to keep an eye on the best brands in the market. For this reason, we’ve made this list with some of the most efficient Disposable Vape Pods Brands on the market.

The vape market is growing at a rapid pace. The convenience of vaping and discretion has become very popular. This also means that there are a lot of companies releasing their own lineup of vape pods. As with any new product, it can be overwhelming to find the best brands. To help you navigate through all the options, we compiled this list of the best disposable pods available on the market today.

When you think of disposable vape pods, probably Juul comes to mind right? But if you’re someone looking for a new brand, there are actually many other options out there. You want to make sure that you can avoid a generic brand and get a real reusable pod mod.

Here is a list of some of our favourite disposable vape pods available online.

#1 Frunk Bar Vape Pods

Frunk Bar Vape Pods was created with an easy to use, effective and flavorful vape flavour for the masses, by a vape artist. Frunk flavours are proprietary recipes that do not use diacetyl, acetyl propionyl or any other harsh ingredients, EVER. Choose from an amazing collection of original flavours including Salted Caramel Tobacco, Red Passion Fruit, French Toast and many more! Frunk flavours are created by a team of multiple chemists and master mixologists who bring up-to-date base mixes and premium grade VG/PG to every flavour recipe. Each flavour is crafted in a cleanroom to give you the highest quality vape pods.

#2 Voom Vape Pods

Voom Iris Disposable Vape Pods are simple to pop in and out of your device. For the ultimate convenience, these pre-filled pods are disposable, meaning that there’s no filling or refilling needed. All you have to do is pop them into your device and they’re ready to vape.

With a smooth throat impact and a rich and robust flavour from the pods, the Voom pod mod gives an excellent vaping experience. The device’s micron ceramic coil is of high quality, resulting in finer smoke, a smoother throat feel, and a richer flavour.

Refilled Voom pods typically last 3-5 days, although this varies depending on how often you vape. It’s critical to recognise the signs that your pod needs to be refilled. A reduction in flavour and the amount of vapour generated from your pod are two signs that it’s time to replace it.

#3 N1 Vapes

You don’t have to buy e-liquid, replace coils, or carry a cumbersome mod when you use a disposable pod. Simply consume pods without producing garbage.

We’ve always wanted to fulfil your demand for more nicotine, thus N one disposable vape is a nicotine salt e-liquid designed exclusively for you. Providing a smoother flavour than standard vape juice

#4 Debang Vape

Debang is a fast-growing-cigarette company based in the wholesale district, Manchester UK. We are an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

We have extensive testing measures in place to make sure we are 100% legally compliant with all formal process and procedures and ensure quality control for our customers. That means we’re a brand you can trust.

We offer great customer service and we like to think we give our customer a more personal approach when it comes to ordering with us. Whether it’s a call when something is out of stock to offers we send to our loyal customers on a regular basis.

#5 Elf Bar

Elf Bars are a disposable vape gadget line. These budget-friendly bars are ideal for smokers who want to give vaping a try without having to invest in a whole kit, coils, and e-liquid. Simply inhale to vape, and then discard your gadget when you’re done.

#6 Geek Bar

Geek Bar is a line of single-use vaping devices. Geekvape is their parent business, a well-known and long-standing name in the vaping industry that formerly specialised in the design and production of high-end, sophisticated vape kits.

Geekvape designed the Geek Bar disposable vape as their flagship disposable vape pen to appeal to a new, fast-developing market segment. In general, disposable vape devices are meant to be more portable and handy than traditional vape kits. Disposable vapes have a similar fundamental functioning to normal vape kits, which we’ll discuss later down.

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