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Berry Blast

A truly all-day-vape full of fresh Berry, this flavour is one perfect sweet-sour treat you should not give a miss.


Black Ice

The acidity of the fruit mixed with a fresh menthol blast has cemented Black Ice as a favourite of those looking for a satisfying all-day vape.


Black Jack

Black Jack is just like the traditional mixed fruit flavour, reminiscent of one of the most popular sweets in the UK.


Blueberry Mist

Blueberry Mist is just like the traditional fruit flavour. A decadently smooth flavour on inhaling and exhale.


Cherry Menthol

For all the fans who love Cherry Menthol flavour. Rich & smooth, whilst being highly refreshing at the same time.


Pear Drops

Pear drop is just like the traditional sweet with a hint of custard. Pear drops are one of the most popular sweets in the UK.


Red Berry Burst

All the Red Berry Burst fans who love berries flavour. A taste sensation with a combination of berries giving hit after hit of fruity flavour.


Strawberry Fields

This rich yet refreshing e-liquid flavour is packed with childhood memories of a delicious and freshly ripened strawberries!


Strawberry Kiwi

A perfect blend rich strawberry and the delicate freshness of kiwi go hand in hand in this perfect e-liquid.


Tutti Frutti

A fresh relief from the daily grind, Tutti Frutti is smooth and flavoursome all day vape sure to keep fulfilled throughout the day.